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Eric’s Homemade Mirror Solar Concentrator Melts Metals and Concrete in Seconds (Video)


Solar concentrators are being used in a lot of places around the world nowadays, just because they’re cheap to build, don’t need any complicated electronic equipment and resist harsh environments much easier.

Here’s Eric Jacqmain, who built his “Death Ray” out of a normal satellite dish with 5,800 small mirrors on it. He worked about 24 hours on the project whose results you can see in the video below.

I am showing this video to you because we shouldn’t underestimate the power of concentrated solar power and the immense benefits it could bring humanity, although it’s been known for thousands of years. I wonder what would happen if Eric put a black tube in front of his dish, and poured water through that tube? Could it have had enough pressure to drive a steam turbine?

Well, we may never know. Eric’s work was destroyed in a fire in December 2010, but his plans are to build a 32,000 – mirror dish this year. If this one can melt concrete, I guess the new one will cause some extensive damage to anything passing by.

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