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Dutch Company Generates Cow-Manure Power to 1,100 Homes


holland-cowsI have been to the Netherlands this summer, in my honeymoon. While you travel down their free and super-strictly speed limited highways (120km/h), you’ll see a lot of cows on the left… and on the right (the pic above is taken by my wife).

At first, I though I was traveling through the county of Milka, and all the cows eat their grass calmly and civilized, but then I realized all of their country is the same: clean, green wind mills and cows all over the place.

Anyway, there’s a lot to talk about Holland, but now there’s a piece of news that made me smile and be optimistic: Essent, an Dutch energy plant operator, will use fermented dung from the cows and generate biogas, that will be used as fuel for the thermal plant’s gas turbines.

With that heat, Essen can generate electricity, or distribute heat to around 1,100 homes in the area around Leeuwarden, in the north of Holland.

Generally speaking, Holland is one of the most green countries in Europe, maybe surpassing Switzerland.

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