Ethanol From Farm Waste Cuts Down Fuel Costs and Emissions In Japan

A worker cuts sugar cane for sugar and ethanol productionKawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. from Japan claims to have produced car fuel from farm waste, which can compete in cost with imported ethanol.

Recently, the use of ethanol as an environmentally friendly alternative to polluting fossil fuels, has gained popularity amongst “green” drivers. Unfortunately, the cost of producing this biofuel has presented a limitation.

For this reason, the Japanese government funded a five-year study, which resulted in the development of a new technology, which can produce ethanol from rice straw at a very competitive price of 40 cents per litre.

The company, which developed the technology, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, points out that even if the cost associated with gathering straw waste is added, the price is still the same as this of the imported ethanol from Brazil.

Currently, Brazilian ethanol is mixed with regular fuel in order to cut down the greenhouse gas emissions in Japan. This is the reason why the Japanese government strongly encourages the development of similar technologies.


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