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Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant Under Construction in France


solar_franceNew massive solar power plant is about to make France a serious contender for the ever-so-wanted title of ‘Europe’s greatest’ in renewable energy. Constructed and managed by the French-based firm Neoen, the biggest solar power plant is set to begin full operation in one year from now.

Over the past few years, the renewable energy sector in Europe has blossomed. Various projects are now in full operation and every new one is bigger and better than the previous. Germany plays a big role in this, as there was a moment in time earlier this year when they were making it to the news with record breaking statistics every other day. But while they are picking the fruits of their success, others are quietly catching up.

Massive 300 MW solar power plant worth $450 million is about to start providing clean solar energy to the French national grid as of October 2015. The installation will be located in Cestas and it will be at the service of the residents of Bordeaux. The plant is a property of the French-based company Neoen, and it is expected to be the largest photovoltaic solar park in Europe.

Currently, France is not among the leaders in European solar power generation. According to recent statistics the country has a very modest photovoltaic capacity (5,095 MW) in comparison to the lead game players such as Germany (37,000 MW). But they are slowly catching up, and this new solar plant might well be setting the beginning of a true solar revolution in France.

According to Neoen, the energy that the plant will be generating will come at a highly competitive price, which, according to the executive board of the company, will be even lower than the one expected to come from the new nuclear plant currently under construction in the UK.

It seems this solar power project is beginning a new trend in renewable energy in France, where nuclear, the country’s main power source at the moment, can slowly be replaced with cheaper and safer technology. Will France become a major player in the field of solar soon? We should wait and see, although the signs already indicate that there is a huge potential.

Image (c)  Neoen

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