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Evalon Solar: Solar Panels That Don't Make Your Rooftop Look Ugly


Intemper Espanola, a Spanish company, in a partnership with an undisclosed German company, developed a virtually “invisible” flexible solar film in a EUREKA project. The film is to be used by homeowners and companies who want to go green by supplying part of their energy from solar panels, and at the same time don’t want to install ugly solar panels with metal frames onto their buildings.

Their product is called “Evalon Solar“, and is being sold to contracting parties in Latin America, starting with Chile and Colombia.

“You don’t see the film at all – it’s marvellous,” says Francisco Ruiz Caballero, General Manager and Head of R&D projects at Intemper Espanola, the Spanish partner which led EUREKA project Fotointegral. “It’s integrated into the building rather than superimposed on it.”

Intemper and the German partner had to design their flexible Evalon Solar thin enough not to ruin the aspect of sharp lines on stylishly-designed rooftops, and at the same time make sure that the efficiency of the thin solar panel would closely match with the one of other bulky solid solar panels. “One of the hard parts was testing the product on all kinds of inclinations,” says Ruiz.

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