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First Ever Solar Powered Sidewalk Brings Light to George Washington University’s Technology Campus


solarsidewalkonyx.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleA new solar-powered sidewalk is generating electricity as we speak at the George Washington University’s Virginia Science and Technology Campus. The great feature, part of the sustainable Solar Walk Project, extends for 100 square miles and provides power to 450 LED lights, which keep the pathway illuminated throughout the night.

The solar-powered sidewalk consists of 27 solar panels with a unique photovoltaic technology, which has an average of 400-watt peak capacity. Designed by the Spanish-based company Onyx Solar, the panels are slip-resistent, transparent and can hold the weight of regular foot traffic without breaking. The panels cover the distance between the Exploration and Innovation Halls, at the end of which the builders have placed solar-powered trellis, which create energy to power the Innovation Hall.

George Washington (GW) University has been working on development of sustainable strategies together with Onyx Solar for the past 3 years now. Since then, numerous discussions have taken place, mainly regarding the design, but Studio39, the company which was contracted by Onyx Solar to construct the walkway, managed to execute the project exactly as ordered. This is the first time such initiative is carried out, making the installation unique.

The project is a great example of how innovation and sustainability can lead society to a better living. And of course there is no better place to initiate this than an University Campus. Let’s hope many will follow GW’s example.

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