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VIA Motors’ First Plug-In Hybrid Electric Trucks Going to Fleets

VIA Motors Full-Size Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Rolling Out in Southern California
VIA Motors Full-Size Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Rolling Out in Southern California

VIA VTRUX, a lineup of full-size plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is, at the moment, the only ones of their kind being mass-produced and, thanks to a $20 million contract, they’ll soon be rolling in droves in Southern California.

Pickup trucks are one of the biggest sellers in the United States, which means that improving fuel economy has a big impact on the overall emissions of the nation’s light vehicle fleet. Via motors has designed three full-size plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in the VTRUX lineup, a full-size pickup, based off the Chevy Silverado, full-size SUV, based on the Chevy Suburban, and a full-size van, based on the Chevy Express. The conventional versions of these vehicles have proven to be very popular with fleet operations, because of their utility and durability. On the other hand, fleets also have to struggle with fluctuating fuel prices. Fuel economy has a huge impact on fleet bottom lines.

VIA VTRUX could change all of that, with better fuel economy. For example, the Chevy Silverado 1500 is rated at just 16/23mpg [miles per gallon] city/hwy, while the VIA VTRUX Pickup has an electric-only range of about 40 miles, and a typical route fuel economy of 100mpg-e, practically unheard of in the full-size work vehicle market. VIA Motors recently announced winning a $20 million contract, awarded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District [SCAQMD], an air-quality control agency in Southern California, to supply its lineup of full-size plug-in hybrid electric trucks to fleets operating in Southern California.

The $20 million contract will provide cleaner full-size plug-in hybrid electric work vehicles for approximately 50 fleets. Data-reported technology will also provide usage data to the California Energy Commission, Electric Power Research Institute, Idaho National Laboratory, and Department of Energy [DOE]. The DOE, for example, will analyze and publish the data collected to help show the benefits of making the switch to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, even in full-size versions that VIA Motors manufactures.

NOTE – VIA Motors VTRUX are also being referred to has EREVs [Extended-Range Electric Vehicles]

Image © VIA Motors

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