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This Is Why Fisker EMotion Could Be the Best Electric Luxury Car


“The Electric Vehicle Renaissance has truly begun – one that must be met with both timeless, yet futuristic form and hyper-intelligent function,” says CEO and automotive designer Henrik Fisker.

Fast and High Range

Six years after its first attempt on releasing electric car Karma, Fisker has recently launched its second attempt – the all-electric, autonomous, all-wheel-drive, and 400-plus-mile range Fisker EMotion luxury car that has an estimated top speed of 200 kilometers per hour (or 161 miles per hour) – at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas.


Hopeful that the autonomous driving technology will be ready for primetime when the EMotion’s assembly line starts operating, Fisker designed the luxury car of the future to be capable of Level 4 automated driving owing to its suite of five prominent Quanergy LIDAR sensors built into its nose.

Super-Fast Recharging

Aside from EMotion being fully electric, it boasts of its capability to charge swiftly once it has finished creating the new flexible solid-state battery and supercapacitor technology that it has developed. This technology will eliminate the conventional lithium-ion battery and allow recharging in a just few minutes. But in the meantime that the technology is not yet fully settled, the car on display is featured with a lithium-ion battery-pack source from LG Chem.

Smart and Classy Doors

The four-door electric car shows off its smart set of butterfly doors – ala Lamborghini at the front and gullwing doors ala Mercedes at the rear – which also features flush handles that can be opened and closed via a smartphone app.

Entertainingly Elegant Interior

EMotion’s interior has all the extravagant leather and infotainment technology – featuring three driver-oriented touchscreens in front and an optional 27-inch curved fourth screen for rear-seat passengers – which would operate in autonomous mode. Its glass roof has four zones of tint and each is electrically adjustable, allowing the entrance of the desired amount of light. In addition, it has four electrically adjustable seats and a five-seat option with a rear bench.

First Units to be In the Market by 2019

To be clear, the EMotion electric car is not yet production-ready. Frisker, Inc. is requiring a pre-delivery deposit for EMotion electric cars, which cost $129,000 and deliveries set to begin at the end of 2019; Fisker, Inc. The automotive company is projecting to announce the factory’s location later this year, with the first units launch in the market by 2019.

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