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Ford’s “Team Edison” to Drive EV Development Forward


Ford has decided to speed up the global development of electric cars, by creating a team who will be tasked with identifying and developing partnerships with other companies in the EV industry. These will include other carmakers, battery manufacturers, and more.

The news of the carmaker’s initiative coincided with the announcement made by General Motors to launch 20 electric vehicles.

In perspective, Ford has made this decision at the right time, considering the fact that the global demand for electric vehicles will grow as a result of various countries slowly move to phase out fossil fuel cars.
It is known that the Detroit area will serve as the team’s home and that the group is planned to cooperate with other Ford vehicle electrification teams based in China and Europe.

The governments of countries such as India, France, the United Kingdom and China have all announced their plans to eliminate fossil fuel vehicles by 2030-2040. With China being a leader in terms of EV integration, and all of the mentioned countries preparing to impose regulations that will push carmakers to slowly stop developing traditional cars, the need to increase the development speed of electric alternatives is obvious.

Ford has stated that the concept that the team was built upon is “to think big, move fast and make quicker decisions”. This having been said, the carmaker has not announced any changes in its plans to spend $4.5 billion over the course of 5 years, in order to develop EV’s, including plug-in hybrids.

Unfortunately, there is no clear news regarding how many new electric vehicles Ford plans to launch in the future.

Team Edison will report to Ted Cannis, the global director of electrification.

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  1. Delay the suckers by creating lots of vapor and misinformation! Ford and the other legacy car makers will delay building EVs as long as people will continue to buy their dirty, smoggy, obsolete gassers.


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