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Futuristic Solar Powered Bus Goes Over Traffic


china-teb-elevated-bus-trafficSolar powered bus goes over traffic, not around it.

Traffic congestion is one of the biggest problems of most cities. The consequences from this go way beyond people having to get up an hour earlier to make it to work in time. Pollution is the most dangerous of them all.

Premature deaths, respiratory disease, asthma, and cancer are only a few of the illnesses that are caused by urban pollution. Yet, very few people are willing to get off the car and jump on public transport or bicycle, in the name of good health for everyone. They all need tangible incentives that go way beyond bike or bus lanes.

We have seen numerous innovations, strange two-wheelers and other twisted options, created with the hope that people will become a little bit interested in getting of that car. Many of these technologies have had somewhat questionable success, and the reason for this is that they were simply not that impressive.

So here is one solution that, in my opinion, is big and scary enough to make people get on it, and not under it. Meet the futuristic, solar-powered bus, which simply goes over the traffic- TEB.

A mini model of TEB, or Transit Elevated Bus, was presented just recently at the tech expo in Beijing. The idea definitely managed to attract a lot of attention.

TEB is a product of Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. The vehicle is huge- it is 4.5 meters high and it has two levels. Passengers are carried in the upper level, while the lower level is sort of a tunnel for vehicles under 2m in height. The real-sized TEB is said to be able to carry as many as 1,400 people per trip. One TEB can reduce traffic jams by up to 30%.

It is powered by solar power and electricity, and it can go up to 60km/h. It travels on a path, which can be built with about 10% of the cost, needed for underground construction.

The construction of the bus would be $76 million.

Image (c) Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co

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