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Generador Eolico – New Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System Based On Savonius Rotors


Wind power is one of the best energy sources, covering almost 2.5 percent of the worldwide electricity usage and a total energy production of 430 TWh. Designers all over the world are trying every day to find out the best design for wind turbines in order to make them more efficient.

For that matter, Argentinian designer Miriam Peterson has recently created the concept of a domestic vertical axis wind turbine system dubbed Generador Eolico. Based on the Savonius rotor, the system can use the force of the wind and convert it into a torque on a rotating shaft.

Generador Eolico consists of three separately intricate Savonius rotors fixed by solid cables to a central module. In turn it will be connected to a storage device consisting of a 12V, 220A battery pack.

Due to the aerodynamic property of the rotors in their multiple forms, the system will produce much more electricity than conventional ones. Having a total output capacity of 3 KW, the wind energy generator is able to harness the wind having the speed of only 4 meters/second.

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