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Solar Jackets Students Convert Audi TT Into Solar – Electric Car


A team of Georgia Tech students (Solar Jackets) has converted an Audi TT into a “solar-assisted electric vehicle,” in order to participate at the World Solar Challenge in Australia. The car has been presented at the Buckhead Eco-Collection.

According to the students, the electric and solar powered car is equipped with two batteries. The smaller one, charged from solar panels, is used for running systems such as power brakes, power windows and power steering. The second battery runs the automobile’s drivetrain and has the possibility to get its power from a home electric socket.

The six-day race will take place in October this year, and will go from Darwin to Adelaide. Tech aerospace engineering student Corbin Klett of Buford claimed that about 50 students are working on the otherwise gas-guzzling Audi TT.

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