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Germany Hits Record Solar Power Generation Figures


Germany is unstoppable: it keeps growing in MW of solar power in a rhythm which no other European country can match! Just in the last 6 months alone has this state supplied its national grid with 14.7 TWh of electricity, which makes up for 4.5% of the total power production for that time.

To be completely fair, that accounts for the peak demand and not the baseload power, but it was still 10% to 50% of the energy that would have otherwise been extracted from Earth’s resources.

And just like any other success story, old and young do their share: 1.2 million private owners of “green” roofs actively produce electricity for their homes, while government-supported installations helped the country reach a total of 28 GW through 73,756 solar power systems according to the Federal Network Agency Bundesnetzagentur.

That beats China’s set goal of 21 GW in 3 years-time. I told you they are unstoppable!

[via Cleantechnica]

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