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A Renewable Energy Superhighway To Be Built in Germany


As you can imagine, the most appropriate places to take advantage of the wind is on flat, isolate surfaces. The problem is nobody lives there to take care of the facilities and enjoy their benefits!

Since Germany is way ahead in the clean energy race, a “little” impediment like the lack of a network to connect wind farms is not going to stop it. So the country is going to resolve the issue of transmission and connectivity by building a renewable energy superhighway.

In an effort to do everything they can to stay on top of the list, Germany will be constructing a wind power corridor that will begin in the north and end up in the south. The network is intended to relay the regions that need the power to the wind turbines supplying it.

That power will mostly come from offshore installations, since they are the ones the administration is putting its confidence in. To make sure the offshore segment will be up to it, attractive loans will be offered to investors that will manifest interest in the business. According to wind energy experts, this premise makes it “an excellent time to invest in Germany.”

Indeed, the country’s ambitions include massive clean energy input on the national grid as never before seen. Offshore wind projects alone stand for half of Europe’s preparations in the clean energy overtake, meaning 25 GW of electricity by 2030.

To meet the challenge, Germany’s KFW Banking Group is willing to put 5 billion Euros credit on the table for the first 10 German offshore parks. We think that at this point, nobody or anything is stopping Germany once they’ve embarked on this road.

[via CrispGreen]

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