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$500 Million Invested by Google & Japanese Companies in Oregon Wind Farm


Frequent readers of this site may recall another article being posted about Google’s investment in solar power plants in the Mojave Desert. And you may also recall their vow to look out for more ways to obtain clean, renewable energy. Well, it looks like they’re bound to their word. Next on G’s “to do” list is the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon, U.S.

Google’s new investment of $100 million almost matches the last one, but whatever they do, they surely know what to bet their money on: in just a year, the Oregon-based wind farm will become the world’s largest, with the 845 MW to power 235,000 households and the obtained energy to be bought by Southern California Edison. I guess tha’s what Google means when it refers to “projects that make business sense.”

Google is not in this alone. There are two more major investors in the project: the Japanese from Sumitomo Corp. of America subsidiary and the Tyr Energy subsidiary of ITOCHU Corp. Both of them are giving away $2 billion of their funds to see the Arlington-based wind farm become the world’s biggest facility of its kind.

Their interest in the project couldn’t help but fill the owners’ hearts with joy. Les Gelber, partner at Caithness Energy hailed their “energy expertise, innovation and strong financial profiles.” Speaking of investors, General Electric Energy Financial Services and developer Caithness Energy are two of them.

[via Physorg]

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