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South African Solar Power Plant Backed by Google


CSP-Upington-500Google has yet again decided to invest in a renewable energy project, this time funding a solar plant in South Africa.

The Jasper Power Project, a photovoltaic plant, which is expected to generate 96MW of clean energy, has attracted an impressive number of major investors.

Besides Google, other companies include SolarReserve, a major U.S. solar developer, and from the locals- Intikon Energy, a South African renewable energy developer and Kensani Group, a local investment firm.

All companies together invested a total of $260 million, out of which $12 million came from Google.

As stated by the director of Google energy and sustainability, Rick Needham, the construction of such renewable energy power plant is of extreme importance not only to the country but also to the whole region.

South Africa is known as the economic powerhouse of the continent, and therefore it is necessary for them to set the right example and encourage green energy technologies.

Google has already made a number of major investments in various renewable energy projects, especially solar. Mojave Desert power tower ($168 million), various solar projects across California ($94 million),  Solar plant in Germany ($5 million) and a project of SolarCity ($280 million).

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