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Graphene the Magic Bullet for Extending the Life of Electronics


ElectronicsAccording to Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, the working temperature of a processor can be lowered up to 25% just by using one single layer or graphene.

Keeping electronics cool is one of the keys to prolonging lifespan. The working life of an electronics system is halved by a working temperature of just 10 degree Celsius.

The Chalmers University of Technology research is important because it’s the first study that shows that graphene has a heat-dissipating effect when it is applied to siliconbased electronics. Further miniaturizing of electronics is just down the street as this discovery increases functionality of electronics.

By focusing on the hotspots all electronics have, which can be a thousandth of a millimeter or smaller, researchers have lowered the normal working temperature.

By using a graphene layer, researchers managed to cool the normal hotspots to a range from 55 to 115 degrees Celsius. This is a reduction of up to 13 degrees. This improves energy efficiency and extends the working life.

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  1. Do you add the graphene layer on top of ther thermal paste? or is it completely replacing regular thermal paste?

    • Nicolas StGelais This seems like more in the actual manufacturing process of the electronics. I wouldn’t expect to find this technology in an end-user paste or anything like that.


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