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Groundbreaking Wireless Power Transmission Technology Invented


Murata Manufacturing has invented a wireless power transmission technology that strengthens an entire system’s transmission efficiency and achieves a power efficiency 20 to 30 points higher than traditional techniques.

A great deal of power loss occurs when a direct-current voltage is converted into a high-frequency alternating current, so the efficiency of the entire system is between 15 and 30%.

Traditional methods fall short because a huge power loss occurs during the time it takes to convert to a high-frequency alternating current and also when a matching circuit is used for the matching of a resonance circuit.

Murata’s concept expands upon the traditional method of transmitting power by using an electromagnetic field resonance between opposed coils. However, Murata expands upon this method by doing away with a high-frequency alternating-current course and instead utilizes a direct-current voltage.

Murata anticipates their new direct-current resonance method technology will be used in mobile devices, miniature electronic circuits, and electric vehicles.

Murata’s method has a switching frequency of 10MHz. It generates an electromagnetic field that changes at resonant frequencies by using a direct voltage and connects a power transmission circuit to a power reception circuit. The design drastically increases the power efficiency of an entire system since it eliminates the need for a circuit that converts to a high-frequency alternating current and matching frequency.

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