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Highly-Efficient Laser Diode For Displays Expects Release in 2013


thumb_230_2The latest development of the giant Sharp Corp is a red laser diode that has a conversion efficiency of 33% for the light sources of displays and operates in a single mode with a waveband of 640 nm.

This striking increase in efficiency is achieved by a combination of materials and structure. The optical output of the diode is 150mW, the maximum threshold current is 55mA (standard), and the operating voltage is 2.5 V.

The peak oscillation wavelength is 642 nm with a beam spread angle in the horizontal direction of 9°, and in the vertical- 17°.

The first samples of the laser diode are expected to be distributed as of 31st of January, 2013. The “GH0641FA2C” diode will be released for automotive head-up displays and compact projectors at a price of USD 58.7.

The mass production is expected to begin in the end of March, 2013 with 10,000 units produced per month.

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