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Highly-Integrated Organic Photovoltaic Modules Developed by Mitsubishi


opv-module_jdbl2_69The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tokki Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), have created a new highly-integrated organic photovoltaic module. The research is based on AIST’s technology developed in January 2005, which yielded an OPV capable of achieving 4% efficiency. What is amazing is that this new organic photovoltaic module has the highest efficiency rate that has ever been achieved.

The new OPV uses laser-scribing technology on a glass substrate where organic semiconductor elements are deposited on the substrate and then divided into several cells with the laser. The new module should improve sunlight conversion efficiency, being highly integrated. The efficiency of OPVs in converting sunlight has been a problem rom many years but TOKKI, MC and AIST believe their new module can solve this problem.

[Source: Ecofriend]

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