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Honda Demonstrates How Its Smart Home System Integrates Electric Cars, Solar Panels and The Grid


Far from making you feel like your house has a mind of its own, the Honda Smart Home System (HSHS) pertaining to the famous automotive company Honda Motor Co., Ltd wants to reach a whole new level of energy efficiency.

To prove it, the company embarked yesterday on a house demonstration in Saitama, Japan and what came next made a lasting impression on the people present.

Through mobility products, the HSHS controls the level of energy demand according to how much the house has in store. More precisely, the HSHS relies on the Smart eMix Manager – a comprehensive energy management device – which takes care to supervise the electricity from the grid and distribute it to the energy devices of the system (a home rechargeable battery unit, a household gas-engine cogeneration unit and a hot-water supply system).

On top of that, the Smart eMix Manager minimizes the home’s carbon emissions. Thanks to this device, you can sleep tight at night, knowing that in case of a power outage you can always revert to the reserve of energy you already gathered.

Further testing of the HSHS involves electric vehicles or the Internavi system, which will bring Honda closer to its year 2000 goal of cutting down carbon emissions to 50%. Compare this to a kind of energy insurance for the house: in case anything happens, you’re ok, because you have your own energy backup!

[via Physorg]

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