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HP Reduces Discarded Batteries by Making Them Last Much Longer


hp_s8ckd_69HP has announced a new range of notebook batteries developed by Boston Power, which will be available for 18 existing notebook models developed by the company, representing approximately 70 percent of HP’s consumer notebook PC portfolio, coming with a 3-year warranty.

Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, the Boston Power founder and CEO declared that “our goal has been to help notebook computer users benefit from optimal mobility with dependable, high-performance, environmentally sustainable batteries. HP’s endorsement of Sonata is a great step forward in popularizing this battery technology.”

The batteries costs $149.99 and fit 18 of HP’s laptops. They can be purchased online now and will be available in stories later this month. Apart from a longer backup time, the batteries’ warranty period will ensure that the number of batteries discarded every year is reduced considerably.

While typical laptop batteries start to lose performance after 100 or 150 charges, Boston Power says that its batteries can be charged 1,000 times and get “like new” performance.

[via GoodCleanTech]

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