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This Wind Turbine Is Inspired by Hummingbirds


Tyer Wind, a Tunisian company, takes the uncommon wind turbine design to a new level. This time, Tyer Wind introduces a flapping design, which is inspired from a hovering hummingbird. The machine with dual oscillating blades has the potential for residential use.

The inventor of this innovative design is Anis Aouini. In 2012, the Saphonian bladeless turbine was developed under his company, Saphon Energy. To have a more effective outlook on the wind turbine design, the company started to search in the nature to be inspired.

The result was ‘Aouinian 3D Kinematics’, a design that converts linear motion to rotational motion. The inspiration of this design is by the hummingbird’s ability to fly for extended periods of time.

The wings are from carbon fiber, each turbine 5.25 feet in length and the sweep area of 11.7 feet. The two vertical axis wings are more compact than regular three-blade horizontal-axis wind turbines. This also affects the power output by 1kW less.

The special characteristics of the turbine includes having less noise pollution and be safer for the migrating birds. Visually, the turbines are less noticeable and allow a denser wind farm configuration. For this reason, Tyer Wind plans to use the design in its new wind farms.

Although Tyer Wind’s turbine is still being tested, there is no doubt that the new technology will lead the future of wind turbines. Yet, there are still the issues of power efficiency, resistance, and price that need to be resolved before hitting the market.

[via newatlas]

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