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Smart Hydro Power Turbine to Help Peruvian Farm Produce Chocolate


smarthydropower_productNumerous communities around the world live in a desperate need of electricity. For many, it is not just to have luxury, but rather to make life possible by meeting the basic needs of their entire families. This is why projects that aim to help these communities have to be spoken about loudly and supported heavily. One such project is the Smart Hydro Power’s turbine.

Smart Hydro Power is a small company that designs and makes hydro turbines, which generate free electricity using the power of flowing river water. Not only that their inventions are affordable, light, and super eco-friendly, but also they serve the bug cause to help communities around the world.

The latest creation of the guys at Smart Hydro Power is their SMART kinetic hydro turbine. Designed to generate as much as 5kW of power, the highly transportable and affordable technology can supply sufficient amount of electricity to 10 households, depending on the speed of flow. But the turbine has an extra feature that many might not expect. Alongside the turbine that picks up the energy from water, it also has solar cells that boost the energy generation during the day.

The technology was already tested in Akwanga, Nigeria, where one turbine installed at the river Mada, provided continuous power supply to seven households in the area. Now, the guys aim to take the turbine across the ocean to Peru, and more precisely, to an area that produces precious coco beans.

To achieve this, however, the guys at Smart Hydro Power need your help. Their campaign (see promo video here)  was launched on Indiegogo last month, but with only 25 days to go, they are still way off reaching their target. The cause is incredible and just by spreading the word you can already help them. Even if you do not feel like donating to support the community, at least do it for the chocolate.

Image (c) Smart Hydro Power

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