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Hydroelectricity Being Put to Use in Old Upstate NY Iron Mine


hydro Moriah Hydro Corp., a hydroelectric facility in upstate New York, is planning to use old interconnected mines as a means to carry out hydroelectric power storage.

This is very good because it is often needed to find massive sites. The new facility will be a pumped storage facility, which recycles water between an upper and a lower reservoir, rather than through conventional hydroelectric processes.

The Mineville Pumped Hydro Project is the latest of Moriah Hydro Corp.’s. This reservoir will be contained within the existing mines and existing tunnels will channel the flow. There is another pumped storage project at Glyn Rhonway in Wales that is along the same lines. Additionally, the Welsh project will be built on a brownfield site. All these minimize the land impact by using an existing site for hydroelectric power.

Because of the land use opportunities for hydroelectric plants, existing dams in the U.S. would be great for this. Land is the hardest thing to come by because the technology is already there in pumps and turbines. The Moriah Hydro Corp. is on its way to creating sustainable energy with little land impact.

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