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ICP Solar Panels to be Mounted on Future Nissan Models


Nissan wants to be a step ahead the electric vehicles technology and it comes with an innovation that will hit American and European markets along with their new vehicles.

In fact, what they are selling are solar panels designed to keep the car’s battery up and running while they stand in the sales lot parking, or outside the mall, while you shop and stay in there for hours.

Modern cars need a lot of battery power due to the high electricity consumption by those electronic gadgets people have in them. Often, the car sales personnel confronts with the issue of a dead battery when they are trying to sell a vehicle that has been standing parked for a long time.

The solar panels will be produced by ICP, a company specialized in that type of car powering devices. I have even seen one of their products in a 2001 Prius, posted for sale in Germany.

ICP announced in June that it will supply solar chargers for Sea Choice boating equipment.


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