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Ikea Unveils Chic Cardboard Digital Camera


Digital cameras have had such tremendous success since their invention that anyone with a cellphone (even the cheapest ones) or a laptop has them embedded – they’re like the buttons on a shirt. Ikea is now celebrating digital cameras in a greener fashion with a cardboard model.

To commemorate the 2012 Fuorisalone held in Milan recently, the Swedish furniture manufacturer gave the press members the environmentally-friendly cardboard digital camera┬áthat is powered by 2 AA batteries and has a small memory which can only bear up to 40 photos. I’m saying it’s environmentally-friendly because it contains only small amounts of plastic.

However, the cardboard digital camera has a standard USB connector and a viewfinder to make you feel like you’re back in the 80’s, taking care of each photograph you took because that Kodak film only allowed for some 30+ shots that had to be developed carefully at a photo shop and so on.

Maybe if Ikea had the idea of replacing those 2 batteries (I’m already assuming they don’t contain any mercury) with some cola-powered fuel cell or some cell fueled with the contents of a lemon, then they would’ve made a greener product, even if only for marketing purposes.

[via ubergizmo]

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