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Illinois Tops 2011 List for Wind Farm Installations


Illinois is at the top of the 2011 wind farm installation list with 404 wind turbines installed, just after California for the total amount of power capacity. The trend benefitst he manufacturing activity: 28 manufacturing facilities out of the national 400 are only in this state alone.

In this sense, Illinois continued to evolve from 2005, getting to the point where 2011 saw the completion of 60% of its component parts. This has presently given the state somewhat of a game-changing role in the wind industry.

However, there is one sore point in this great story: the Lake Michigan wind farm project, which is still being put in balance. Even though the Evanston city council members have already approached the subject in July, a decision has yet to be taken.

What makes them hold on to the idea is the fact that it has potential, but, on the other hand, the financial and infrastructural aspect are gloomy. The dice in this matter will finally be cast in June this year.

Also, 2012 will see a general completion of wind projects in the US, to avoid expiration of the annual tax credit available for 10 years. Now, Illinois has only been developing the wind sector for 5 years and it has already got to a level where 2.2% of its energy amount is sourced here.

It’s just that the target is 25% and even Illinois has a long way ahead of it. Maybe the prospect of more jobs will give the industry the boost it needs right now.

[via DailyNorthWestern]

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