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Implux: A More Efficient Rooftop Wind Turbine That Captures Wind From Any Direction


As most of you probably know, wind turbines are all positioned towards the direction of the wind, and it’s obviously why. But what happens to the surfaces over which the wind flows in all directions, almost uncontrollably, like on a of a building’s high rooftop?

Pioneer inventor Varan Sureshan realized that it would a shame to let all that “good” wind to waste and finally came up with the idea for the IMPLUX, a wind turbine that catches the “four winds” and turns them into electricity.

The device was developed in recent years by Sureshan’s company Katru Eco-Energy and has been field tested in Singapore. Its key component is the central chamber that catches the wind, no matter its direction, and then drives it forward towards the turbine.

You might be wondering if such a thing is possible, without having most of the wind escape in the process. The answer is yes, it is possible: a salutary minimum of 85% manages to reach the horizontal blades linked to the turbine. And then, i’s the usual mechanism of a wind turbine: the blades begin to rotate and electricity is produced.

The uniqueness of the IMPLUX consists of the fact that it has one piece of it in motion, is less noisy than the others and is bird-friendly, they risk getting trapped in the equipment, because the exterior blades are too close to each other.

The trick of this turbine is that it has airfoil blades instead of the usual walls: the air is free to flow in the chamber but the angle makes it go upwards. Apparently, Sureshan stumbled upon this idea after working on rooftops.

[via Physorg]

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