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Innovalight’s New Substance Could Increase Solar Cell Efficiency to 80%


A few weeks ago, we wrote that the solar cell company Innovalight has beaten  a new record of efficiency in the solar cells field. Now, the same company announced that it developed a new substance (“solar ink”), based on nanotechnology, that could drastically boost the efficiency of solar cells to 80 percent.

If this substance is added to classic silicon cells, their efficiency will increase immediately by one percent and this is a huge amount when it comes to solar cells.

The company has recently signed a technology, research and production agreement with Yingli Solar, a Chinese solar manufacturer. JA Solar (another Chinese company) also signed an agreement to buy inks from Innovalight for the next three years.

“I’m very excited about how things are coming along…We’re in the right place at the right time with a technology that people need,” said Conrad Burke, the President and CEO of Innovalight.

Since 2005, Innovalight has been focusing exclusively on solar energy and their work is constantly improving and evolving. Until now, it managed to file 60 patents with a staff of only 50 people.

[Source: IrishCentral]

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