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Insolight Boldly Claim Record Solar Cell Efficiency


solarcellInsolight, which became an official solar company in 2015, recently made the claim that its new solar panel designed for residential installations is ‘twice as efficient’ than the norm. How? It claims to have a solar energy conversion rate of 36.4 percent.

34.6 percent is pretty much double the conversion rates of popular solar cells. Taking a look at the company’s bold claim, its design lends much support to its supposedly higher efficiency and lower cost. It’s simple. By concentrating the sunlight into a specified area on the small solar cell, the efficiency of the solar cell increases and the costs associated with material costs.

Insolight CEO Laurent Coulot explains, “It’s like a shower: all the water goes down one small drain, there’s no need for the drain to cover the entire floor of the shower.”

To illustrate how the new solar cell works, there exists plastic concentrators that direct solar energy onto small solar cells. In this case, size indicates nothing. The tiny solar cells are high performance, and all for a smaller price.

Insolight’s main seller is the fact that its technology benefits customers by offering a much lower price than the traditional, low-efficiency silicon solar cells and pricey competitors. It’s affordable for all.

Who is behind the invention? A research team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). While it may be time to celebrate the exciting news, the solar panel is still undergoing testing in a laboratory.

Let’s hope the technology is confirmed for sale, because Insolight’s solar panel will be suitable for easily installation. The solar panel is fit for any mounting system, giving it leverage over the usual monopoly displayed by the manufacturers.

If Insolight is setting the standard, hopefully they will meet it, despite the current laboratory analysis.

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