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U.N. Report Says 80% Energy Production From Renewables Possible by 2050


A recent United Nations report says that by 2050 up to 80 percent of the global energy could be supplied from alternative resources if public policies will come up with proper incentives.

The report indicates that by increasingly switching to alternative energy, we’ll save the gas equivalent of 220 to 560 gigatons of carbon dioxide during the next 39 years (including 2011).

We could even keep the concentrations of greenhouse gases at 450 parts per million if the best case scenario is met, meaning that we’d have to cut about a third in greenhouse gas emissions.

The report, issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chance (IPCC), contains more than a thousand pages of analysis performed by more than 120 IPCC experts worldwide. It reviewed energies like solar, geothermal, hydro, ocean and wind energy, identifying more than 160 existing scenarios on the use of renewable energies by 2050.

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