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New iPhone App Helps You Tilt Rooftop Solar Panels


17 Yr oldThere seems to be an app for literally everything. If you can dream it, you can probably find an app that was intended to help you achieve that dream.

You do not have to be a scientist, an engineer, or even a genius to create an app, but you will certainly have an edge if the desire flows through your veins just like 17 year old Arman Puri of Dehli.

Puri is the son of Ratal Puri, who is the Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects (HPP), a power generation company that is growing and expanding its interests across different markets which include thermal and renewable. The apple has fallen even farther than his father, however. Deepak Puri is a ruminant player in the solar panel manufacturing industry in Dehli, and Arman’s grandfather. Arman says that with both his elders talking about solar energy he “…can’t help but get inspired.”

The young prodigy developed two apps that work in different ways, but that are both of interest to the National Institute on Solar Energy (NISE) by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. One official has stated, “NISE would develop it further to make it commercially viable for us to endorse it.”

Arman explains how the first application, for roof-top solar establishments will work, “The mobile, when kept over the solar panel, recognizes sunlight, the tangent, and the intensity. It then directs the user at what degree and direction should the solar be to generate maximum power per panel per unit.”

The second application is a forecasting app, that will tell how much solar power a site will produce, and is of interest to the government. “I met senior ministry officials, and they liked the ideas and have asked me to work closely with research fellows at NISE,” says Arman.

Even though the apps are not being used currently, the government is taking great strides to make sure that they are capable of being used commercially and able to be moved to the domestic side as well.

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