Is Solar Power a Good Investment? Solar Mosaic Says “Yes!”

Municipal Building with Photovoltaic Solar PanelsAt first blush, the primary reason you may be considering solar power is to add value to your home, reduce your utility bills, or minimize your carbon footprint. Of course, these are noble goals, and solar power is a simple way to achieve them, but why stop there?

Can solar power be profitable? Solar Mosaic, a solar installation company, thinks that and investment in solar power installations will be popular and is expecting good returns for its investors.

One thing that may set some home- and business-owners off about solar power installation is cost, because solar panels and their control systems are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

The federal and some state governments offer incentives to add solar power to your home or business, but the price can still be daunting. Solar Mosaic’s business-plan aims to take care of the capital problem, making solar power more accessible, while at the same time paying dividends to the investors.

Solar Mosaic opened its internet doors to investors in California and New York this morning. The crowdfunding approach, allowing investors to put in money toward solar installations, has been popular in the last year or so, enabling Solar Mosaic to finally achieve public trading.

Now, with investment in the company, Solar Mosaic is promising a 4.5% annual return. The panels themselves are leased by building owners, who pay for the electricity just as they paid the utility company.

Solar power investment sounds like a bright idea!


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