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Could Fracking for Methane Have Caused the Recent Italy Earthquakes?


You probably heard about Italy’s recent earthquakes and their aftermath. While it’s highly possible that the event had natural causes, there is also the possibility that methane extraction facilities nearby the epicenter have something to do with it.

They employ a method called “hydraulic fracking” to crack the rocks beneath the soil by means of high pressure fluids.

Drilling for geothermal power also caused earthquakes in the past, as the techniques also involve holes a few kilometers deep, injecting pressurized water (and CO2) and extracting hot water on a parallel pipe, process which can destabilize the tectonic plates and cause such earthquakes.

Youtube user dutchsinse compiled a couple of explanations and Streetview pictures and highly believes that methane fracking is what killed two dozen Italians in May. Watch it and post your opinions in the comments section below this post. I personally think he may have a point.


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