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Japan to Build a New Building-Type Wind Energy Generator


Wind power is the transformation of wind energy into a usable and universally-accepted form of energy, such as electricity. Wind turbines are used to make electricity, while wind mills are used for mechanical power or sails to propel ships.

A new type of wind energy generator will be developed by Zena Systems, a Japanese company. The project is the first of this type and includes a 50-meter tall hexagonal building that compresses wind and sends the air all over the place though several ground-based generators.

Beside the building there is also a visitors center, a desalination plant and an on-site energy storage. Kurume Fukuoka, Japan is the city where the project is going to be located.

According to the company’s statements, the tall building will have a wind tunnel in the middle . The air will be converted to electricity as soon as it gets down to a series of turbines. The Betz limit value theory says that the maximum harvestable energy from the wind is 59.3% but the company claims that the system is not constrained by it.

“The E.A.S. is a new energy storage system used to stock the energy generated by the Wind Tower system. This system uses vanadium concentrated solution diluted with nano water and pure water.”

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