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New Solar Energy Parks Opened in Japan


This Sunday marked the day of one nuclear reactor re-opening in Japan after two months…Yes, as expected, people were not happy about it, to say the least! But they got something in return: multiple solar energy parks to make up for the decision.

The parks were inaugurated in Kyoto, western Japan and they constitute a new solar center abiding by this year’s 1st of July law, which says companies are to buy alternative energy at a fixed price. In accordance, several municipalities also set in motion installations providing for the hundreds of thousands of homes in their circumscription.

The obvious reason behind this law is to stimulate companies to go along this renewable-energy road, which the government hopes will lead to 2,500 MW this year alone. That’s not too bad, considering it makes up for two medium-sized nuclear reactors!

It seems it doesn’t take long for companies to hear the message: the Japanese telecommunications firm Softbank has already announced 11 projects for solar or wind power centres in the country. So don’t worry about the Japanese: somehow, they always revive from their own ashes!

[via Phys.org]

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