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Japanese Innovation Makes Wind Turbines Storm-Proof



I have an article showing a video of a wind turbine torn apart by heavy winds.  In fact, if you research more, you’ll find out that this is the reason the wind turbines are placed in pristine fields, with no houses close to them and each turbine has to have a safety distance from the others. In case of a storm, if one falls down… you get the picture.

Moog Japan Ltd is about to improve wind turbines’ working parameters by adding a small device in each of them, at the base of the blades. Their device measures distorsions to the blades with electronic sensors. The system can measure up 4500 μstrain (0.45%) at a rate of 25 readings per second, with a resolution of 1 μstrain.

There are several other wind turbine designs on the market, or at least on the engineers’ desks, but this innovation improves what we already have and protects our governments’ investments (our money), making the wind technology more viable to implement on a larger scale.

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