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Keystone XL Pipeline Could Get Renewable Energy Along The Way


keystone-pipelineThe Keystone XL pipeline that’s about to bring tar sands from Canada to Texas for extracting petroleum in the most dirty process ever seen, is seemingly stirring up the waters in the opposite camp. Its opponents are now raising funds for building wind and solar energy projects in Nebraska.

“If President Obama approves Keystone XL, he’ll then have to then have to tear down these clean and locally produced energy sources to make way for dirty and foreign tar sands,” Jane Kleeb, director of pipeline opponent Bold Nebraska, said in a statement.

The fundraising is being organized by Bold Nebraska, the Sierra Club and the Nebraska Farmers Union. They say they only need $65,000 and a lot of volunteers to do this, although I strongly doubt that’s enough.

While it’s a nice idea having renewable energy along the pipeline, much more is needed and maybe they need state or federal permits for building such premises. However, all the solar panels and wind turbines they could put up won’t offset the environmental damage this pipeline and its existence will do over time.

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  1. JohnEgan1 LoneWolffe good point. unfortunately, renewables don’t seem to be replacing anything, just keeping up with demand. this means that pipelines will have to be built instead of simply emptied and dismantled.

  2. LoneWolffe JohnEgan1 Is the image used in this article an accurate portrayal of what the KXL pipeline will look like or not?  Simple question.  Comparing the KXL to the Arkansas break is like comparing a 2014 automobile to one built in 1948.  In fact, it is a good argument why new pipelines SHOULD be built.  Pipeline technology has improved dramatically since 1948 as has automotive technology.  I think it prudent to move towards greater renewables, but misleading photos and strawman arguments do little to move the discussion forwards.

  3. JohnEgan1 “visual impacts of the pipeline will be minimal once construction is completed.” like this, right? → http://enenews.com/major-oil-spill-in-u-s-after-pipeline-bursts-just-40-miles-from-arkansas-nuclear-plant-at-emergency-level-4-like-a-river-of-crude-video
    You’re right though, no one will notice millions of gallons of oil running under their feet until something bad happens and then they have to dig it up.

  4. Disingenuous much?  The image you show is of an elevated pipeline in permafrost country.  The Keystone will not be above ground.  The visual impacts of the pipeline will be minimal once construction is completed.  Please use more accurate photos in the future.

  5. The Oil companies ship the oil through the pipeline to refineries on theTtexas /La coast where it will be refined and then sold overseas for $8 a gallon. All we get in the US is a few hundred temporary construction jobs and the enviornmental issues for the taxpayers to clean up if we have a spill. Do not approve the pipeline unless we get 50% of the refined fuel sold here in the US.

    • HaroldKeown not sure if there is enough profit in the world to cover the environmental disaster that comes from spills when, not if, they happen. mmmm, yummy petroleum poison in our nations streams and lands.


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