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KLM Turns Recycled Cooking Oil Into Biofuel To Power Airplanes


Dutch airline KLM has recently revealed its plans regarding the use of recycled cooking oil as a biofuel source to power flights to and from France. The company’s goal is to reduce the carbon emissions.

KLM also wants to produce enough biofuel made from used cooking oil to power more than 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam, at the beginning of this September. KLM managing director Camiel Eurlings claims that the airline using this kind of biofuel does not have to make any changes to its aircraft engines.

Besides this, the European Union told airlines they must to find a solution to cut their carbon emissions by three percent on flights by the end of 2012.

A recent study shows that air travel is responsible for about 3 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions. An Air France-KLM Boeing 747 has already completed a demonstration flight in the Netherlands in November 2009. The plane has used 50 percent biofuel mix in one engine. Continental Airlines, Air New Zealand and Air Japan have made similar demonstration flights using biofuel mixes.

[via Physorg]

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