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LED Bulbs by Walmart On Sale For Less Than $10 Across The U.S.


standard-60W-ledLED lights reduce energy bills, this is what we all know. We also know that they require an initial investment, which might prevent us from making that step towards saving money in a long run. The guys at Walmart, however, are no longer letting us find excuses, as they are now launching a new line of LED lightbulbs, for as little as $10 a piece.

The LEDs from the new “Great Value” line have all the properties of existing energy saving bulbs. With great energy efficiency and much longer lifespan, these could well save an average household around $130 per year. The bulbs are reliable, very convenient and considering that the design is so simple, you don’t need any special skills or equipment to fit them.

As the vice president of Walmart, Steve Bratspies, points out in their advertisement of the product, the LEDs are not only good for the environment, but also great for the consumer’s wallet. The energy-efficient LEDs will be available in all Walmart stores across the U.S..

The line has products from a wide range of prices, but none of them exceed $15.88. If you don’t want to pay this for the indoor flood Dimmable 65-watt LED, you can go for one of the cheaper options. Out of the 26 different types, the cheapest is the 60-watt equivalent LED that comes at the price of $8.88. For an extra dollar you could get a dimmable version of the 65-watt model. The indoor flood non-dimmable 65-watt equivalent is $14.88.

Walmart is determined to reach the company’s sustainability goals by focusing on energy efficiency improvements.  Ever since 2005, when they started using LED freezer case lighting to cut down on energy consumption, Walmart has set an industry standard, which has encouraged and led developments in the LED industry. The company is also famous for their sustainability index,  which has been developed over the years together with the company’s suppliers with the aim to improve energy efficiency of merchandise categories such as plastic toys, televisions, and small appliances.

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