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LG's New Reflective Backlight Display to Debut at CES 2009


1pt71insuperrefldisplay_lgLG’s display department has produced recently a new 14.1 inch LCD panel, that may be illuminated by ambient light and save some of the power the laptop uses.

The new and revolutionary technology is called “Backlight Data Signal Switching Technology”. That means the backlight panels can be switched between reflective mode in sunlight, so the display is visible using direct solar light, and the energy consumption falls by 75% compared to the indoor mode, thus extending the life of the laptop’s battery.

The contrast ratio of this display is claimed to be 9:1 in outdoor usage mode.

It’s an interesting point of view. My laptop, for example, (Dell D630) has a setting that allows me to auto adjust the backlight panel’s intensity considering the intensity of ambient light. I think I could use a backlight-reflecting function. The new display will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.

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