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Liberty Box: A New Kind of Solar-Powered Hot Water System

Liberty box schematic (credit: EDS USA)

Liberty Box, developed by EDS USA, offers a new kind of residential solar hot water system. It does not require installation of extra plumbing like conventional solar water heater. Instead, it uses electricity generated from photovoltaic solar panels to heat a second heater element in an existing water heater.

This system requires no batteries, no added pipes that can freeze or leak, and no pumps vulnerable to breakage or failure. It can completely supply the hot water needs of a family of four during summer. During winter, it can supply 75 percent of the hot water needs of the same family.

The complete solar water system costs around $4,000. This amount could go down to $1,000, if the Liberty Box is purchased without the solar panels. The expense could be reasonably justified for homeowners looking to make a long-term investment in residential solar hot water for their homes.

As an added incentive, this device qualifies for a 30 percent Federal Tax Credit, and possibly other local incentives for switching to renewable sources of energy.

[via treehugger]

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