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Lighty, the Smart Robotic Projector That’s Greener Than a TV



Electronic junk is renowned nowadays for being one of the worst pollution sources ever. People don’t recycle their old phones, TVs, radios and so on, and this is going to lead to bad things in the long run. TVs, in particular, are great power-sippers and a lot of materials go into making one.

A young company from Romania has come up with a better solution to this kind of pollution by offering an alternative to throwing your old TV to the junkyard or even buying a new one right away: an interesting mobile robotic projection system that is suited in all kinds of setups, and that uses far fewer materials than a TV: meet Lighty.

Lighty is a robotic projection system that’s been designed to partially replace the TV in those DSC_4061homes where people only watch it in the evenings. It’s equipped with a brilliant HD Laser pico projector (1280×720) that’s very, very close to today’s standards in terms of quality, but in a very small package. And because it’s powered by laser LEDs, the image doesn’t need focus adjustments – it’s as sharp from 50cm to 5 meters (16 feet) and produces images up to 20 feet in diameter.

Its battery lasts for about 3-4 hours of movie watching and over 10 hours of Internet radio playing, and also charges your phone wirelessly when attached to it. You can stream your content through Wifi, not needing a router. Because it’s robotic, the projector comes up from inside its shell and you can program it to rotate, tilt and put the image on any wall, at any imaginable angle – it’s a feature no other projection system on the market has.lighty-spinning

You will also not need any cables, extra speakers or power source when watching a movie on Lighty, and it only needs about 15 watts to do all this. You can even power it from a small home-made solar panel.

Sound quality is more than enough for a mid-sized room.

But Lighty is so much more than that. You can take it out on the deck or on the street, to watch movies with your friends and strangers alike, you can throw parties and karaokes with cinema-grade screen size and image quality – outside, and everything on a battery charge, with no strings attached. Or you can watch movies from your jacuzzi – ever imagined you could do that?

At the end of the party, you can just fit it back in your purse or pocket (the commercial version will be just a bit larger than a phone).

Lighty is only a prototype right now, and Lighty Electronics intend to have the first batch produced by the end of this year, in the EU, with shipments to come in April to June. jacuzzi-movie-nights-680x380Delivery will take place in the first quarter or 2017 – a long time to wait, but worth the effort, because the device is both cool and green.

You can support Lighty’s Indiegogo campaign by any amount, or you can pre-order one – its plastic components will be made from eco-friendly materials such as corn-derived PLA.

Disclosure: Ovidiu Sandru, the founder of The Green Optimistic, is the inventor of Lighty and CEO of Lighty Electronics.

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