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Lilliputian Systems’ “Nectar” Fuel Cell Provides Gadget Power for Weeks


nectar-powerIn a bid to help supplement the increasing power demand of today’s gadgets, Lilliputian Systems this week introduced their Nectar Mobile Power System during a CES event. The system combines the long life and convenience of fuel cells with portability in this innovative solution.

Nectar is a wholly dependent on disposable power, in contrast with conventional rechargeable batteries. The core system of Nectar, which costs $300, can be used to recharge any gadget that uses USB to recharge, such as tablets, smartphones and so on, and the fuel cells which power the device also cost $10 each.

According to Lilliputian, you’re assured of about two weeks of battery life from each pod, which once used, can simply be disposed of and recycled. Even though the concept sounds a little wasteful, it may come in handy especially if the consumer is far from a source of power that can be used in recharging their gadget batteries.

The Nectar is also lighter compared to conventional batteries, and can therefore be stored easily. Another plus, according to Lilliputian, is that it is safe to carry and use the device on airplanes.

The powerhouse of the Nectar is Lilliputian’s very own patent, the Silicon Power Cell technology. The power of fuel cells is therefore available on silicon chips!

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