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Lubi – World's Most Efficient Solar Air Heater Available Commercially


Whether we are talking about a commercial, institutional or industrial facility, what is required from a solar air heater is, of course, to produce heat and also a quick return on its investment. Lubi, created by Enerconcept Technologies, is the most efficient solar air heater on the market.

The company claims an 80.7% peak heating efficiency as being a record-breaker for any solar technology, as certified by the Canadian Standards Association’s tests. Its closest competitor doesn’t come anywhere near this performance (i’s actually somewhere 18% lower on the scale).

The best thing about Lubi is that it can handle 2 tasks: because its heating capacities are 45°C over ambient outdoor temperatures, the product can pre-heat air coming from the outside, but also the air inside the building.

Once there, the sunlight is retained on or inside the brick/concrete wall, which can radiate heat even after the sun has set. Also, with the building’s HVAC air handling system, the outdoor air is being sucked through the perforations and used inside.

The other metal panels had problems retaining heat, or made use of dark colors to help with the conduction of the air. That also posed a problem with the aesthetic aspect, but with this solar heating collector, i’s no longer the case: the air heater attached to a wall has an attractive glass-like fai§ade, which gives it a sleek, modern look.

[via Greenlaunches]

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