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The First Passenger Flights Running On Biofuel By Lufthansa


Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LHA), one of the Europe’s largest airline, became the first company in the world that begins regular biofuel passenger flights between Frankfurt and Hamburg.

According to Lufthansa, the biofuel will have 50 percent hydrotreated renewable jet fuel in its composition . It is made from feedstocks including wood chips and inedible plants. The first airplane powered by this type of biofuel will be an Airbus A321.

Another giant airline company, Air France-KLM (AF) Group, has made the world’s first commercial biofuel flight last month. The plane, a Boeing Co. (BA) 737-800, has been fueled with a blend of recycled cooking oil. The company also wants to test planes between Helsinki and Amsterdam.

Last month, airlines got the approval to power planes with a blend of fuels including biofuels made from organic waste to algae. This measure has also been taken in the hope to reduce CO2 emissions. The International Air Transport Association industry group has great plant for the future, as it seeks to eliminate all the carbon dioxide emissions from air travel by 2050.

Other airlines that have made tests regarding the flights running on biofuel are: Japan Airlines Co., Qantas Airways Ltd., Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. and United Continental Holdings Inc.

[via Bloomberg]

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