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New Peel'n Stick Solar Panels Launched By Lumeta, No Prices Set Though


Lumeta, a California-based subsidiary of DRI Companies, has recently launched the “peel n’stick” solar panel that uses monocrystalline solar cells. The cell also contain a DuPont Tefzel front sheet and fiberglass-reinforced plastic for increased flexibility.

What Lumeta’s technology offers new is the speed at which it can be installed, taking only 60 percent the time a classic photovoltaic panel needs, and offers very good roof fixation due to the special sticky surface, they say “which is compatible with metals.” Moreover, the company insures us that all wind uplift requirements are exceeded.

Lumeta has already received CSA International certification for its PowerPly 400 W solar module, but they haven’t yet established an exact price. Still, they claim prices can be negotiable if you’re interested in more than 250 kW, directly from them.

It would have been interesting if the company provided us with some actual numbers, sizes and efficiencies. They will probably do that in future press releases and when final prices will be set.

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