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Major Comeback of Building-Integrated Solar Panels by 2017


globalsolar_powerflexbipvA new report, released by Pike Research, shows that the market for solar panels built into building roofs and walls will grow from 400MW in 2012 to 2.25 GW in the next five years.

This technology, also known as “building-integrated photovoltaics” or BIPV, consists of thin film solar panels that can be printed directly onto the building materials, which will consequently increase the energy capacity.

Currently, there are over 50 different companies working on this technology, however most of them have been held back due to various difficulties in the solar production market this year.

A company that has already launched their solar product is Dow. Based in Colorado, the company has now been selling it in California and Texas.

Miasole and Global Solar Energy, are some of the others that have been working on BIPV. A company that did not have such a successful story was Dozens, who struggled in 2012, due to an oversupply and rock bottom prices.

The report, however, is very optimistic about the BIPV market, forecasting a rebound of home sales and construction.

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