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Masdar's Green Plans for This Year: New Solar Power Plant and Wind Turbine Project


A new project is being planned for this year by Masdar, an Abu Dhabi-based company. The project consists of a 20-to-30 megawatt wind turbine facility.

The director of Masdar Power, Frank Wouters, considers that the wind speeds in the UAE are moderate, but at the same time sufficient for these turbines. He also confesses that his company is evaluating requests from international companies interested in helping Masdar building the plant.

The solar and wind power usage is increasing in Abu Dhabi, and that might make the city become a regional center for renewable energy. The emirate is building Masdar City, a business and residential complex will spread low quantities of carbon emissions, will be the headquarters for the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Noor, a 100 MW photovoltaic plant, is also to be built by the company. They also intend to establish some contracts for the venture this year.

This is not Masdar’s first project of this kind. The company’s Shams thermal solar power plant will produce less energy than had been initially expected, since sunlight will be blocked by the dust particles in the area.

Mirrors are used to reflect sunlight, which helps heating liquids and creating steam, with the purpose of turning turbines and generating power. The Noor plant is going to be cheaper than Shams.

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